Are you looking forward to 2018? What opportunities await you in the coming year? Where do you want to take your station and your social media channels?

Here's a simple question I use to help clients plan and prepare for the year ahead. But before I ask it, I want you to know that while the question is simple, it might take a while to get to the answer. Ready?

At this time next year (December 2018) what is the one thing that you want to say you've accomplished over the course of the year?

A note: It's important to select one thing. Just one. That's why the answer is so challenging. You only get to choose one thing.

So, what's your one thing?

• Is it growing an audience?

• Engaging social media users?

• Launching a new show, blog or social media channel?

• Becoming the trusted source for news and information?

Name your “one thing.” Write it out. And now let me explain why you only get to pick one thing: because this “one thing” is what gets all of your energy, creative juices and inspiration. In order to make your “one thing” succeed, it needs your focus.

In next week's column, we'll talk about what to do with that one thing and how it relates to all of your ctivities in the coming year. But in the meantime, let me ask you again:

What's your “one thing?”

Choose wisely.

Bill Arbuckle CMW

Bill Arbuckle is a media and marketing pro with over twenty-five years experience in creating media promotions. You can connect with him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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